Policy and Regulations:
1. Parent/Guardians or Accompanying adult (age 19 or older) are fully responsible for their child’s safety and supervision.
2. No shoes or bare feet are allowed in the play area, Socks can be purchased at the front desk if you do not have any.
3. No food (gum/candy) or drinks are allowed in the play area. All food must be consumed in the café area or party room.
4. Children must not climb up the slides or climb on nets inside or outside the play area.
5. Happy Kids is a peanut/nut aware facility. We kindly ask that you do not bring any foods containing nuts or by-products. Even though we are peanut/nut aware facility we cannot guarantee to be fully peanut/nut free at all times.
6. We are not responsible for any damages or theft of personal property during you stay.